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Friday, September 30, 2011

Brocken - the Stasi site in the Harz

Torfhaus Ski Resort in Germany's Harz Mountains.  Brocken in the background.
As a final review, for now, of Manfred's trove of old videos from the end of the Cold War, this one was of interest because it puts to rest some speculation many of my friends and I had shared over the years.  Here's the caption he wrote for this video:

"This is the highest hill in the former east Germany. A small exhibition exists to their State Security monitoring station at the top."

Now, the speculation I mentioned is based on the postcard scan above - you can see the antenna masts in the background from this ski resort in the Harz Mountains. It was a place we used to go as often as we could during season, despite the 4-hour drive and two border crossings from Berlin. We figured it was either a spy station, or maybe, but not likely, a television broadcast station.

Much of the video tracks the very interesting train ride up the mountain and back down,.  There is a first glimpse of the old Stasi site at around 6:45-50 and another begins at around 7:30. A tour of the site begins in the 11th minute.

Manfred continues with some video of hiking in the Harz. We exchanged a couple of messages about that, it's something that I'd be interested in, if the chance ever comes up.  Definitely beautiful countryside. And excellent memories.

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