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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tapping into some old Cold War era videos

Recently, a friend of mine found a link to the video embedded below and posted it on Facebook.  After I took a look, I went onto Youtube and checked out a number of videos from this user, Manfred...my tour in Berlin, 1981 through 1986 overlapped his career at Tempelhof, which began in the '70's and continued into the '90's. 

Manfred and I have started a correspondence as well, he told me about his work for the Air Base Group as a German civilian (and native Berliner) - I'm sure that there are plenty of stories he could tell!

This video takes an inside tour of the building I worked in those five years - as opposed to the one I lived in, which was Tempelhof Central Airport, or TCA, as we called it.  Throughout the history of this building, it was constantly receiving upgrades.  For example, the second floor was added after I left Berlin in 1986.

There is a speech by a Colonel Leech starting at about 8:30 that includes a site and unit history; that was particularly interesting. 

I have a couple of additional videos from Manfred I would like to upload over the next few days...

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