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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Last" Video of Marienfelde

Since the posts this week have featured a video or two and some photos of old haunts in Berlin, I wanted to post this video as a follow-up to yesterday's and this morning's.  I should note I am planning a couple of additional posts using Manfred's videos during the remainder of this week.

This afternoon's clip is done in drive-by style and it dates from August 1991.  It documents the demolition-in-progress of the Marienfelde installation, prior to its turnover, which was featured in the post yesterday.

Also of interest, Manfred notes the refugee and asylum housing that was nearby.  Also prominent is the IBM plant.  There is some noise from wind in the microphone of his video camera, so be advised you may want to turn the volume down - but tune in carefully for his remarks.

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