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Friday, February 4, 2011

On Reaching 30,000

For the last few days, I've noticed that we are approaching a milestone on the blog:  according to Sitemeter, today we will record our 30,000th visitor.  I'm humbled that there have been so many.  Also, I wrote my 1,000th post last month, I believe the milestone one was "The Ramen Gladiator" - one of the wittier titles, if I say so myself.

The blog is not a commercial enterprise, but I do try to keep track of what people read here.  Lately, one of the most popular posts are the little media-based review of the Suunto Core Everest Extreme watch in the Tech-Watch Geek series.  About 10 people a week get to that posts via web searches - it's an example of the randomness in social media that is fascinating.

The visitor traffic graph to the left is also worth a look.  All that traffic last February and March was during the heat of the Fibrowatt discussions in Page County (hi neighbors, thanks for reading!).  The tapering off from then to now, happening in two big steps, is because of refinements to the Blogspot interface with Facebook, I'm guessing.  Those readers don't get counted by Sitemeter, and I worked on the feed a couple of times  last year.

A second thing to look at while I pause and reflect is the countries where the traffic is coming from.  Mostly US, no surprise there.  Also notable are some spam sources - on days when I get a lot of hits from some countries, there is usually a spam linked message in the queue for mediation.

Again, this is all very humbling.  I appreciate the interest and that some of what I'm putting up here is useful.

I have a couple of campaigns in mind for the coming year, I hope you'll keep reading.

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