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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ham, Bacon, and Pork Chop

I’m enjoying the feedback coming in from this morning’s post. Sharing a couple.

David (from Public House Produce) wrote:

"Jim, I have a several very similar stories about my daughter, Lauren. When I picked the pigs up back in Aug. they weighed about 50lbs so they were little and cute. Lauren "The Boo" and I had several discussions about the ulitmate place for the critters and she signed on! At first we did not name them, but with time they became Frankie (Photo Left), Itchy (Photo Right), Scratchy and Uncle. However, on multiple occasions I heard her explain to people that they would ultimately be Bacon, Ham and Pork Chop! It is very rewarding to watch her explain to her friends and sometimes CSA mebers where her food comes from, one of the greatest rewards of being a "farmer"!"

And Brian (Breakfast at Epiphany’s blogger) wrote:

"My next door neighbors growing up had a large pasture that they kept horses in (he was a blacksmith by trade). One year he decided to get a cow to raise for food. They named it "Freezer", because that was where it was going when it was done. The little girl next door fell in love with the cow and they ended up keeping it as a pet for many years. Freezer just thought she was the luckiest horse around as no one ever bothered riding her."

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