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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Parting Shot from Japan

My sponsor here and his wife took me out on a local excursion the other day to help me get oriented on the trains here. That was very helpful, since I had a multi-transfer sightseeing day planned for Saturday. For our evening, we went to a little shopping district out here in the western suburbs called Michida. I had a good time.

We stayed on the shopping streets although there are some very big malls here – quite a few of them with just about any brand you could ask for – hence the green grocer photo, since they are there near the train stations mixed in with everything else.

It’s radish season here, apparently, fyi, and that is what the big green items were.  And that next store is a shoe store in the second photo.

For our dinner, we went to one of those little charcoal huts (“soot bul jeep” as I learned to call them back in LA). We had a nice mixed grill, some edamame, cabbage and kobocha squash (once I saw it on the menu, David Sours, I could not resist it, and I hope you will continue growing it at Public House Produce!).  Suntory Lager there, also, in case you'd want to know.

This will be my last post from Japan, I am leaving for the airport shortly. I still have some posts from my sightseeing day to put up, those will be forthcoming next week. Also, I understand that there is significant progress on the Alexandria kitchen to report, and my hiking group is planning a winter hike next weekend (destination TBD).

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