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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Project Under the Radar

For a couple of months now, we’ve had a project brewing in the Alexandria house. It’s about to bust wide open.

Mary surreptitiously started shopping around for cabinets early in the summer. I didn’t catch on when the little samples discretely began accumulating in the pantry, or when the various magazines started turning up, dog-eared, in a pile – also in the pantry.

Then, somehow, I got coerced into going to a kitchen remodeling center – that’s when I finally caught on. And by then, the project was too far underway for me to be an effective John Boehner or Mitch McConnell…stopping, delaying, or otherwise threatening to delay household progress. We’ve got plans and drawings, and decisions have been made. It’s a crazy train.

This week, we concluded interviews with three contractors, who now will be putting together proposals on the renovation effort. We hope to get this project underway early in October, and expect it to take two to three months…taking us into December for completion.

I can just hope that everything proceeds on time.

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