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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WHSV Covers "Grown Here - Brewed Here" - @hawksbillbrew

A few weeks back we posted the brewery's LLC formation to Twitter, and our friends from WHSV saw it.  They reached out to us about the potential for coming out to do a story on the new brewery.

We gave the reported, Emily, a tour of our building and talked about our plans.  After all that, she did an interview - the link below includes the full spot.


We're moving forward with this "Grown Here - Brewed Here" idea.  We're not the only ones doing this in the country or Virginia, but we are close enough to Hawksbill Hop Yards to make it real - and hopefully to truly succeed with it.

It will be a goal to feature something Virginia grown, and preferably Page County Grown, in each beer.  That may take us some time to get the supply chains in order, but it's still a great goal.

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