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Monday, February 22, 2016

@hawksbillhops - Last Year's WHSV Story

Last year as we prepared to plant the hop yard, the local station in Harrisonburg - WHSV - came by to check out the farm.  They put up a story on the evening news here:


During the piece, David was quoted:  "Agriculture is the number one industry in Page County. It's who we are. So I think any advance, or diversification in agriculture is low-hanging fruit, said Sours. "So this could be an opportunity for economic development and job creation within the county."
Taken during the interview on Saturday.  Thanks, David,
for the snapshot!

So flash forward a year - we had a good first season with the yard, and there's no doubt the farm had a small, but real economic impact.  We're in it for the long haul, and are really looking forward to our second growing season - we're talking with brewers across the state in a couple of locations to supply them with hops.

Now we find ourselves completely occupied with the next step in the venture - developing Luray's original craft brewery, Hawksbill Brewing Company.  WHSV took note of a recent Twitter post about our LLC formation and got back in touch - and last Saturday they came out for interviews.

Soon as a link is available we'll post it here, hopefully in the next blog post.  For now though,  I just gotta say, 

You just never know where the road you're on is going to take you.

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