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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More on Hawksbill Brewing Company - @hawksbillbrew

Were still making daily progress on the plan to open brewery in Page County this fall.  While were in the planning stages, I dont always have something to post about developments in the meantime, I thought I might put up the guiding principles weve set up for Hawksbill Brewing Company:

·       Purpose Form a local Page County business that combines and promotes two of the communitys strengths agriculture and tourism
·       People Enlist the help of others committed to the area and the craft, who in essence, share the vision of creating a local enterprise and products
·       Products The product must be of the highest quality, because the goal is to sell everything we make, whether ingredients or finished product

·       Process Seek innovation that stimulates creativity, efficiency, and quality in a craft product and produce it from Page County Grown and Virginia ingredients

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