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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Talking Virginia Hops - @hawksbillhops @novabrewfest

Our booth featured the co-op's new logo.
Last weekend I joined two other growers – Nat from Highline Hops and Gordon from Massanutten Hops, at the NOVA Brewfest.  We represented the Old Dominion Hops Co-op and spent two days talking to brewers, home brewers and the general public about hops, wet hops, and in general, why locally sourced beer is better for Virginians.  We figure our outreach had an impact on up to 1,000 people at the booth, and in the sponsor tent where “Cooking with Beer” was a featured demonstration program. 
Some good crowds at the fest.
These were good results for the co-op, and for the three growers involved.  The feedback we’ve received confirms that there will be continued outreach about our growing industry – both from the co-op and other growers.  I’m looking forward to that – first, though, we’re getting close to harvest, and that’s a growing priority. 

Hawksbill Hop Yards had a
new banner on display.
Here are a few highlight photos from the fest – tomorrow’s post will be the weekly check-in at the hop yards!

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