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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catching Up - Bill's Hops

There were three "pilot" hops projects that I encountered or worked with before I started Hawksbill Hop Yards in Luray - first, Dan's yard in Stanley; second, my own plants in the backyard in Alexandria; and third, Bill's hops in Luray.  Yesterday Bill sent me the amazing photo here as an update on how his six Cascade bines are doing.

I posted last year about the harvest, here, and then I brewed two batches of a "Harvest Black IPA" with the hops - posts here and here.

They are second-year plants, mounted on a trellis in his backyard, and get good day-long sun from the south.  They have about 8-feet of run to the top of the set-up there, and they bridge across on support lines when they reach the top of the structure.  He's had great success with them, and as the photo shows, they've already set cones - they look ready for harvest!

I hope to be able to stop by to check them out this coming weekend.  In the meantime, I better brush off that IPA recipe!

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