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Friday, June 12, 2015

As Seen On ... A Visit to Tempelhof - Berlin's Famous Airport

This week's enjoyable find on the web is Kyle Dunst's "commercial and travel blog" called ThirtyThousand.us.  In the post I read, Kyle wrote about a recent visit to Tempelhof Airport in Berlin - you can find his post here, and the photo below is copied from his blog (the link in the caption will take you directly to it).


I've written about Tempelhof quite a few times here on Hawksbill Cabin - the base was my home during most of my USAF enlistment, and I lived there from October 1981 to April 1986.  As a resident, the history of the place had its own presence, as if it were a person always there with you, where ever you went on base.  I even have dreams from time to time where I am exploring unknown places on the base, fictional mysteries created by the subconscious mind while I sleep.

Kyle's post includes a snapshot of the history, past and present, and it is generously sprinkled with photos from the tour he took.  One I found especially interesting is the one he took from the basketball court that was located on the sixth floor of the central building.  I've copied the photo below - the link in the caption will take you to the original on Kyle's blog.

I played basketball on that court for the entire time I was at Tempelhof.  There was a weight room and sauna as well, which were facilities I used during my training for the Berlin Marathon in 1983.  Also right next door, through a doorway to the right in this photo, was a bowling alley, which was another site of many good memories - we spent a lot of time in there having group bowling outings during our time off.

On a side note, there's other news about Tempelhof - or TCA as we often called it, standing for Tempelhof Central Airport - they're filming one of the Mockingjay movies there this summer.  Lot's of interesting sets have been built featuring areas of the building as background, which you can see at this link.

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