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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hop Yards in Snow

Snow was barreling in from the west on Monday night, and there were forecast of up to eight inches from the Valley right on to the coast in Northern Virginia.  As we battened down the hatches in Alexandria, I checked in on Facebook to see how everyone was settling in - it seemed that it was a storm that we would be able to take in stride.

We did get the snow, and it was inconvenient, but no more than is typical.  Plus, the forecast overestimated the totals, and things were already getting back to normal by late morning.

I sent David a little note in the morning asking if he wouldn't mind to take a couple of photos with the snow on the ground in the hop yards - that was on the hunch that he might head over there at sometime during the day.  There is rolling ground in this patch of land, good for sledding, so I just figured it might not be too inconvenient to get some snapshots.

The snow has a way of leveling things out so that you can see the lay of the land.  These two photos show pretty much the extent of where our trellising is going to run.  So much of the land is cleared and it is looking good.

I'm much obliged for the photos and the opportunity to check in.  I hope that there was sledding in the mix for the days activities and that these photos easily fit into the plan!

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