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Friday, February 13, 2015

Beaver Pond Check-in

Last Saturday, after everything was said and done, Chris and I took a walk down to the road and then out into the lots across the way to check out the beaver pond.  The surface was frozen, and the areas where the water spills through the dam were full of icicles - it was quite a pretty scene.

I'm pretty sure there's a full acre of surface area now.  It's the largest I've seen it since we started coming here in 2007; this is the third time they've had a dam in this spot.

We were able to get very close while staying dry.  The dam is probably 7 to 8 feet tall in the area where it bridges the main stream - so there's a lot of water back in there - and it's deep!

As I'm writing this, Sunday afternoon, we've had some warm temps and the ice has thawed off of half the surface.  One of the beavers is out swimming around, I can just see the wake reflected in the golden light of the late afternoon.

You may just be able to make out the lodge, which is actually quite large, over to the left between the white "no hunting" sign and the tree that is just on the bank.  It's about four feet tall, and covered with brightly colored branches that have had all the bark stripped off.

Quite the view.  I'm getting my money's worth with that one.

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