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Thursday, December 4, 2014

You Know You Want a Minibob

When Mary and I headed out for Hawksbill Cabin last weekend, we knew we were headed into some snow.  We'd seen reports that Skyline Drive was closed, and expected that we might find as much as six inches of snow on the ground in the hollow.  As it was, there wasn't as much and it had begun to melt already, but it still made for a pretty scene.
Fantastic thoughts of our good times sledding last winter filled my imagination as I was driving through the horse farms on the east approach to the Blue Ridge.  We have two of these Zipfy Minibobs that we bring out whenever there is enough snow on the ground, and our sloping front yard makes for a good hill. Here's a video of me sledding down the hill: 

While I found our two at an outdoors store in Arlington, I've been trying to find another place to buy them that I could share on the blog, and I finally did:  Amazon.  Here's a link back to one of the vendors there, should this be an item you want to put on your holiday gift list.

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