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Friday, December 26, 2014

Blogging 2014 - A Year In Review

A view of the Point Cabrillo Light from Caspar.
By way of closing out the year, I thought I might do a series of posts looking back on the activities and events I blogged about in 2014.  I’d made a strategic decision about blogging in general, to reduce the pace that I’ve kept up since starting Hawksbill Cabin back in 2007 – settling in at around 12 posts per month, down from the 16-20 I’ve been doing. I needed to do this, since I have been periodically making posts for my company's blog, and I keep a second one called Rescue My IRA, posting five or six times a month there.

I was glad to see that the lower level of production hasn’t really affected the number of views on any given post, typically from 30-40 on each, although some generate a lot more.  Those highly viewed ones are the ones I want to revisit in the retrospective, although I am going to add one additional one to the series…so here are the topics, in order:
Our hostess in Mountain View.

·         Our vacation to the Bay Area and Mendocino
·         Brewery tours in 2014
·         Backyard hops
·         Brewing with fresh hops

It’s amusing that in the life of the blog my typical topics have evolved this way…from the home repairs of the early posts (Big Projects), to all the outdoor activities (Easy and Moderate day hikes, for example) of those intervening years, so that now I find myself writing about beer a lot.  Brewing – and drinking – good beer is a great hobby and creative outlet, one that has introduced me to quite a few new friends and enthusiasts. 

Fresh cascade hops - Luray grown!
I think I’ll keep it up for 2015 – and hopefully will have some news of grand new brewing adventures along the way.  Also, I do hope to get out for more hikes in my beloved Shenandoah National Park and the Shenandoah Valley this year as well, in fact I have resolved to do that and will make a post about it early in January.  

First, though, let’s get the retrospective started with some recap posts, beginning tomorrow!

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