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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flight of the Ospreys

Okay, I created the label "airplane geek" attached to this post so that I could upload random photos of aircraft that I happen to catch in passing.  We live close enough to Andrews AFB - sorry, that's Joint Base Andrews these days - that we see planes coming and going fairly frequently.

I have seen the V-22 Osprey in the air a few times, in fact there is already a post with them on the blog, showing two sightings: one at National Airport, and the other of a pair in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington.

I may have a post with a couple of B-1s, but I am still looking for it - when I worked in Arlington last, we'd see regular flyovers from Arlington Cemetery.

If there are tactical or strategic aircraft flying over and I can safely do it, I will snap a photo.  This goes back to my enlistment in the Air Force - I was stationed at bases that rarely had much of an assigned force all those years.  When we made our trips out to West Germany to visit "real" bases, we'd sit in awe and watch the runways.

...and I still like doing that!

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