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Friday, December 6, 2013

Barn Cats - Palooza

I've posted about the barn cats a few times now, but last weekend was the first time I was able to get photos of all of them, so I thought I might put them up here on the blog.

First, there's Momcat - she is the mother of the kitten Mary adopted last year.  She's probably 2 years old, and like all of the kittens and the two mothers, we had her fixed with Cats Cradle in Harrisonburg in 2012.  This cat likes to go for a walk back in the wood lot with Tessie.

Then there are the two red brothers.  These two are from the other litter of kittens that showed up under our pool deck in 2012.  They're fixed and they hang around up under our garage/barn - hence the name, barn cats.  We call these two Patch and Little Guy.

The next one is the fluffy mixed cat the neighbors call Foxy.  We don't see her as much - not so much that she is shy, but because she probably hangs out elsewhere (feeding these cats is a community enterprise). Foxy is the mother of the two red brothers and that litter; she is probably Momcat's sister.

Last, of course, is Buster.  He just started showing up a month or so ago - leading to my hypothesis that he was adopted by somebody, but they left him behind when they moved.  He is the only one we haven't had fixed yet, although we plan to, and he is confident enough around us that he will allow himself to be picked up - and also he walked in the front door last weekend when I was feeding all of them.

All of which contributes to my theory that he used to be owned by somebody. In the photo I caught him at a funny moment - between a yawn and a meow, when he was demanding some food.

We have a standing offer to anyone who would like to adopt Buster - we will get him fixed and get his first round of shots.  Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

Here's a link to Cat's Cradle - if you can spare anything to support a stray animal support organization, this is definitely one that deserves it:

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