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Monday, December 9, 2013

Alexandria's Scottish Walk - 2013

While our friends in Page County were enjoying the Christmas Parade down Main Street in Luray, we stayed behind in Alexandria this weekend to attend my office holiday party and to go to the Alexandria parade, the Scottish Walk.  Our friends Kathy and Brendan joined us, bringing along their dog Howser.  The weather gave no indication of how miserable it would get on Sunday, but on Saturday, it was a beautiful day for a parade.

We started off by grabbing a bite and some coffees at Bittersweet on King Street, then it was down to the corner of St. Asaph and Prince Street, which has been our venue for watching this parade for nearly 20 years.  I have a shot here of the color guard that opened the parade.

There were four drum and bagpipe groups in the parade this year - I took a couple of videos, but my favorite is this one.  Howser had watched this group carefully, and when the leader shouted to direct the group, Howser heartily echoed the command.

A friend who was stationed in Berlin with me is part of the King Charles Spaniel group, along with his wife and their two pups.  This group has been part of Scottish Walk for six years now, apparently - this time I was lucky enough to catch my friend, Marty, in action!  His wife and their dogs Buzz and Cooper must be a little way ahead - this was the second largest dog group in the parade this year - there were more Westies, but still, a whole lot of canine fun was going on with this bunch.

The season is shorter this year, so here's a reminder to everyone to have fun and be safe.  Happy holidays - whichever you celebrate - 2013!

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