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Friday, November 29, 2013

Perfect Day (Reprise)

Catching up with my fantasy football teams early yesterday, I was caught by surprise when Lou Reed's Perfect Day came over the airwaves.  That's pretty exceptional, I thought - I'd looked away from the television just then.  When I looked back...well, the reason for this post is to cleanse the memory for a moment: the song was being used in a commercial for a video game.

It will make a nice bookend to November, I thought, if that song is the last post of the month for Hawksbill Cabin, and that will be a way for me to get past the commercial - I'd rather not associate those images with the song.  So I've embedded the video below, and then there is a link to the Wikipedia entry as well.  

I recognize that the video is a promotion for BBC - what would life be without some irony here and there?  But we've got to protect the cultural record...so there you go.

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