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Friday, May 31, 2013

Weber Upgrade

Saturday night we had a nice invitation to join some friends for a cookout, and so we did.  Our friends were cooking ribs on his vintage Weber grill, using the offset method and then glazing them to perfection just as they were ready to come off the heat.  Tasty!

My little Weber, which I’ve been using to cook for the two of us now for six years, has finally succumbed to the elements.  It rusted through around one of the little leg supports and is no longer safe to use.  So I had been in the market for a new grill to use at Hawksbill Cabin.

There was no question that I would not be getting another Big Unit like the one in Alexandria for Hawksbill Cabin.  That would just be too much equipment for weekends, plus the hassle of storing it in the barn – almost 200 feet away up a gravel path, would probably result in a lot of wear and tear (for the grill and for me). 

I’ve been reading reviews with an eye for the eventual replacement, and was settled on a Weber – I thought I might spring for one of the units that has a little side table.  But the cookout the other night closed the deal – our friend told us he’d been using this one for 20 years, and it had moved from California, to Oregon, to Alaska, and then to here. 

That’s a recommendation that’s hard to argue with!    

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