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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Backyard Hopyard

We had a couple of social obligations to take care of this weekend, so we stayed home in Alexandria. 

Besides the excellent party we went to and a quiet mothers day, I took care of a few little chores on the barbeque and brewing front.  So this week will feature those errands – starting today, with a short and sweet post.

I started three hops rhizomes in pots in the backyard this spring.  We’ve had a ton of rain, and not much sun – as vines, hops like sunny weather, so I’ve been worried.  Finally, last week I saw some leaves break the soil.  I have some survivors!

I bought Centenniel, Willamette, and Goldings hops varieties.  If I get crops of these I can do a lot of brewing, and I figure I can trade a few here and there with Dan and the other Blue Ridge brewers. 

So far though, I’ve only got sprouts from the Willamette and Goldings vines, no sign yet of the Centenniel.  That’ll be a shame, but I will take what I can get.  I’ll put up a post here and there about the progress of my hopyard.

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Brian McGowan said...

I will be very interested in the progress of your own hops plants.

Good luck!