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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Pork Diaries: A Roast and A Quiche

We've got new pork.  It's time to get cooking.

When Chris and I did the hog this year, one of our decisions was to use a lot of the shoulder meat to make sausage.  As a result, there aren't many shoulder roasts - also called butt roasts - in the freezer.  But I had been wanted to try slow roasting one after marinading it in Goya's Mojo sauce - so I dug around and found a little blade roast to cook.

We let it marinade over night in the sauce, then I let it cook on the grill, offset over charcoal, at between 250 and 300 for a couple of hours.  That's a tasty sauce - I'm going to use it again.

I thought we might use some of the breakfast sausage over the weekend, but we were too busy to cook in the mornings.  So yesterday evening I used it in some quiches.

These are made with the farmhouse breakfast sausage from the butchering episode, so kale that I sauteed in the sausage fat and some beer, a mixture of jack and cheddar cheese, and a teaspoon of dehydrated onions in each.  I follow a Betty Crocker recipe for the quiche and we use frozen pie crusts.

The recipe calls for five eggs each - and guess what?  I had a new dozen from Public House Produce.  I put them to good use - we have quiche for days!

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