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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Rescued Whom

Hanging out on the deck in Alexandria, while I
grilled some pork.

Here she is the morning after coming home with us -
we'd just seen some deer in the yard.

The vineyard collie - at Wisteria for last year's harvest.
This week is our second anniversary of adopting Tess the border collie.  She was about two years old when we got her, and during our two years together she’s been a good companion and a lot of fun.  I thought I might do a little show and tell this morning with some photos of our good times together.

This one's from last weekend in the snow.

After a walk in the park last summer - she'd stuck her
nose in some hitchhiker seeds.
When we started looking to rescue a dog, we worked with three organizations, and we were matched up with a new companion at Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue.  Here are the three we worked with – I definitely recommend any of the three, although check to be sure there isn’t one closer to where you live if you are looking for a new dog just now. 

http://www.arcbcr.org/ - Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue
http://www.brbcr.org/ - Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue
http://glenhighlandfarm.com/ - an independent border collie rescue organization in New York

After a hike on a rainy day in Shenandoah
National Park.

We’re happy Tess is with us and we’re looking forward to many more years.

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