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Monday, March 26, 2012

New Vines at Wisteria

We have a winery for a neighbor.
What's not to like?
Last year, our neighbors at Wisteria started vines on a new section of the farm, closer to Marksville Road.  The location makes it easy to watch how the plants mature as we drive by on our way to Hawksbill Cabin.

Driving by usually isn't enough for me - I need to go and check these things out in person.  So the other day, after taking care of a few other errands, Tessie and I took a drive over to visit Sue at the winery - beginning with our normal walk out to Hawksbill Creek, and ending with a nice tasting of that new Adonis blend they have over there - and of course, I took a bottle home with me.

Trellising going up in the new section.
This spring, they've been clearing out some of the property in the back.  And in a true sustainable approach, they salvaged the cedar tree trunks that came down and used them for the new trellis system where the new vines are.  I've forgotten the variety, but these are in their second year - seems I've heard that they need three years before they produce, so one more year on this bunch.

Tessie and I had a great walk around the farm, and then a great visit in the tasting room where we got caught up on all the news about Page County Grown - at least what we hadn't already gotten caught up on via Facebook and a stop at Public House Produce for eggs.

A vineyard talisman.

We're hoping our friends have a wonderful year at the vineyard.  It's a treasure to have this enterprise so close by.

I'm looking forward to my next visit and post!

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