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Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Vines at Hawksbill Cabin

So, after checking out all the new vines over at Wisteria and Beaver Run Brewery, I ended up with a half dozen rhizomes for hops vines from Dan.  During his harvest last fall - there are a couple of posts on this if you click on the Beaver Run Brewery label at the end of this blog post - he'd talked about thinning out the Willamette and Centennial sections of the hopyard.  He gave me three of each.

I plan to grow two of them out at Hawksbill Cabin, and I will container-grow two more at the Alexandria house.  For the third pair, I'm planning to share them with my USAF buddy and homebrewer Stan, who will container-grow them in Arlington. 

For the planting at HC, I chose a sunny spot in the backyard that should have summer sun for most of the day.  It is on the east side of the old shed, and far enough away from the north wall of the house to get good southern exposure.  This is also the area where I had a "bag garden" a couple of years, so there is old top soil still working its way into the marine clay of the yard - should be a post on that project under the container garden label below.

To plant the rhizomes, I dug a four inch hole.  I filled the bottom with compost, put the rhizome on that, and then covered it over with a mixture of soil and compost.  After gently tamping the soil, I watered them, about a half gallon each.

Now to watch and wait.

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