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Monday, November 14, 2011

Beaver Run in the Fall

As a follow-up to the Fall Romp post earlier today, I wanted to put up some additional images of Beaver Run.  These are part of the stream that passes through our property at the bottom of the hill - the image on the right below is ours, on the left, where the stream flows out into one of the neighbor's lots.

I mentioned in the earlier post that the deer follow the course of the stream from some nearby pastures into the woods to the south of us.  The namesake beavers also generally build their dams over there, although when Mary and I were walking around yesterday we found freshly gnawed stumps.

Having the little stream around is a nice feature of the Hawksbill Cabin.  Especially during the fall, after the leaves have come down, you can hear the water flowing over the cascade here and there in the hollow.

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