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Monday, March 21, 2011

Surveying Alternatives to Fibrowatt with the SC Biomass Council

My research into energy from biomass alternatives – especially with regard to alternatives to the Fibrowatt approach – continues. One source of information is the work of the South Carolina Biomass Council, an organization that holds quarterly meetings where industry research, trends and other information is shared. From their website, here is what the organization is all about:

The SC Biomass Council serves as a resource for the general public and decision-makers about the environmental and economic benefits of biomass energy. Through solid policy development, South Carolina can be energy independent and generate a reliable, affordable, and green source of power cleanly and efficiently. You can find them for yourself at http://www.scbiomass.org/  …

I had a look at the planned agenda for the April 2011 meeting, which includes the following presentations:

• Swine Waste-to-Energy with Anaerobic Digester: Burrows Hall Farm, Williamsburg Co.
• Poultry Litter-to-Energy with Gasification: Marsh Farms, Darlington Co.
• Tree Waste-to-Energy with 50kW Gasifier: Tree farm, St. Helena Island
• Food Waste-to-Energy with Anaerobic Digester: Columbia, SC
• Manufacturing Small-Scale Biogas Cogenerators in South Carolina

The council includes a range of stakeholders, including the major power companies in the state of South Carolina. In looking back through the meetings and after a scan of members, I find no reference to Fibrowatt here. I can’t draw any conclusions from their lack of participation, but I do find it strange that on the Shenandoah Valley working group none of these alternatives have made it into the discussion yet. These alternatives don’t even seem to be on the table…yet Fibrowatt is there, despite the robust investment in research going on around the industry!

For the next round of research I am going to look into the anaerobic digester technology to see what I can find out about how it works, and pros and cons. Keep an eye out for the posts!


Megan said...

The state's Exploratory Shenandoah Valley Poultry Litter to Energy Watershed and Air Advisory Group has officially taken off the table the alternatives you have been exploring. A memo that went out yesterday made it clear the Advisory Group was only looking at a Fibrowatt-scale power plant and left all other alternatives to the region's Waste Solutions Forum.

Jim said...

That's a real pity, isn't it? Moving on to the economic impacts of such a plant in that case.