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Friday, November 27, 2009

November 2009 Clarendon Construction Update

The buildings across the street from my office continue to progress. The larger one, across the block on Clarendon Boulevard, is topped out and they have taken down one of the cranes. The facade work continues.

The time between these two photos is about 10 days, the second one was just taken this week. They did a good job scheduling this project - now that winter weather is coming on a lot of work can go on in the shelter of the constructed building frame - a lot of conduit and infrastructure has already been delivered and is getting installed. Once the facade is complete, it will get harder to track progress.

As far as the mid-block project goes, once again I have two photos taken ten days apart, with the second of these taken earlier this week. This building is slated to be between six to eight storeys tall when it is completed - I will try and get a photo of the project bulletin board up here soon. As can be seen - the crew has progressed out of the ground now and it putting in the forms for the second floor most recently.

On Wednesday I walked by the buildings at ground level. I was near the area where the new pre-fab facade elements are delivered by truck. From here they are lifted off up to the floors where they will be installed.
Also, farther back, there is a truck hauling out scaffolding and framing elements. These were used to hold the forms for the concrete floors, and are removed as the cast concrete cures. This part of the process is pretty close to complete at this stage of the game.
Be sure to click the Clarendon Construction label on this post to see the history of these construction projects since I have been tracking it, beginning in January 2008.


Portable Storage said...

Thanks for the updates and by looking at the pic it seems the construction work is going at a good pace.Hope to see the new updates.

Portable Storage,

Jim said...

Glad you are enjoying them. It has been a fun project to watch, catching a glimpse of it outside the windows from time to time. I put up a December post today, as a matter of fact!