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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Market's Southern Kitchen

I think it may have been Chris and Jeneane that turned us on to it first, but we have been in love with the Southern Kitchen in New Market since we first visited a couple of years ago. They make a stop for breakfast there whenever they are out camping in the GWNF. Of course, we just drive over the mountain whenever the inspiration strikes – just as likely for lunch as for breakfast.

And apparently we are not alone. There are fans among my fellow H-burg bloggers, and there is a review here, with general favorable results: http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Overview.aspx?RefID=427.

We like the d├ęcor. From the roadside Americana outside to the fifties era Formica (we took some inspiration from the chartreuse boomerang pattern for the Hawksbill Cabin kitchen remodel) inside, and the Wurlitzer jukebox – it all makes a comfortable post card dining situation. The geraniums greeting you road side are still in bloom right now, even in November.

We’ve found the portions large enough to satisfy. For breakfast, the meal might include a western omelet with biscuits and sausage gravy – which always reminds me of having breakfast with my grandfather at a drug store counter in Sanford, Florida – or one of the hearty combos, eggs over easy. For lunch, it’s got to be the two piece fried chicken dinner, shown here with homemade potato salad (Mary likes the beets).
The Southern Kitchen also has a nightly dinner special, although we’ve yet to make it over there in the evening. A last note, they have a legacy dish, peanut soup – it’s worth a try if you’d like something you haven’t had before. It’s been a menu standard there for more than 50 years.

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Brian McGowan said...

Peanut soup? That does sound pretty good.

Does it have any meat products in it? I expect most Southern dishes to have some form of pork product in them.