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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Making the best of an inconvenience

On Thursday, my car was hit in an accident. Of the three drivers involved, nobody was seriously hurt, which was great. My car had some pretty significant damage as shown in photo 1, and it's been at the body shop since then.

Typical of this kind of experience, I have some vivid slow motion memories of what happened during impact, including thinking to myself, "Now I wonder why the airbag didn't go off?"
Since Mary drives to work a couple of days a week, and I am at Fort Belvoir a few times a week, we couldn't manage the inconvenience. I got a rental from Enterprise, which gave me a discount based on my State Farm claim.

They were going to put me in a Camry, which might have been okay (I've never driven one, and don't know how comfortable I would be in one).
I may not be reimbursed for this expense, somehow we dropped the rental coverage a few years ago. So I figured, with the holidays coming up, and family coming in, why not go a little extra - I picked out this Cadillac crossover for an extra $5 a day. I'm renting for two weeks; should be able to manage on one car after that.


Jim said...

Good news on the Impala - it wasn't totaled. They are still estimating that they can have it repaired in 2 weeks.

Cathy E. said...

More important -- are you OK?

Jim said...

I'm good Cathy, in fact none of the drivers were injured, and only two out of the three cars were damaged. Ironically, the guy in the car that wasn't damaged was ticketed in this one.