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Thursday, July 28, 2016

More Interior Framing @hawksbillbrew

Well, the interiors work keeps plugging along at Hawksbill Brewing Company.  It is one of several activities we have going in parallel to get the place open - construction is the one activity we have the most control over right now, so we're making good progress.  In fact, this completes the first stage of framing.

Some earlier photos I put up last week showed the walls for our two accessible restrooms and the cold room.  The layout starts to be recognizable with these shots, which show the future bar area - the first one is more or less the view that patrons will have as they enter the building.

Our brew house will be visible to the rear, on the right side of the first photo.

The second photo gives the perspective from part of the tasting room, an area that will be adjacent to the brew house.  We're pretty excited that almost the entire operation is going to be visible to our patrons from this area.

More seating is planned for the front of the building, which looks out of those big windows onto scenic Zerkel Street.

We're going to get started on MEP next - mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  In fact, we've already received notice that part of the cooling system will be the first equipment to arrive next month, so we have that to look forward to!

We're getting a lot of great feedback from the community and we simply wouldn't be able to do this without you.  We're working on getting a good idea of our schedule put down on paper and are hoping we can report a revised opening date in the very near future.  It's clear we won't make the September date, which is on our banner, but we are hoping we can do a late fall date - a lot of ducks need to get in a row for that to happen though!

We welcome comments and feedback here on this blog, or on our Facebook page.  Thanks for your support!

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