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Monday, July 25, 2016

Late July Check-in @hawksbillhops

It's getting close to harvest time at the hop yards - in a post three weeks ago we showed a mix of cones and burrs, but now it's all cones.  Our Cascades are booming, or as a friend from the hops co-op might say, "Strong like bull!"

David has done a tremendous job in the yard this year despite the onslaught we had from Japanese beetles, and everything else that can happen with this unusual crop.  We have better than a 90 percent showing on the 300 Cascade hills, and since most are second years, we've got a lot of product!

We are still working on our harvest plan - hoping to have them processed in a professional oast and then pelletized.  Most of this crop will go to our new brewery in Luray, with a couple of pounds reserved for the breweries we worked with last year.

When I field tested on Saturday, the cones were still quite wet, so we're a few weeks out.  Really can't wait to see how we do!

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