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Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring at Last

Mary and I trekked out to Hawksbill Cabin looking forward at last to a weekend where the temps are getting up to spring time altitude.  Since I was out last weekend, I'd had a glimpse of what to expect, even though the temperatures had gotten into the teens (!) last weekend.

I knew, for example, that our daffodils would likely be in bloom - except for the ones the deer dug up, that is - and of course, the forsythia was ready to bust out.  It certainly did not disappoint.

Along with a couple of spring errands, we were able to meet up with old friends at the vineyard, where we took a group walk out to Little Hawksbill Creek.  It was great to see everyone coming out of hibernation - there's a lot to look forward to in these parts this year.

We also decided to head over to the Mimslyn for their deluxe brunch on Easter Sunday.  It's almost exactly what you might expect for a small Virginia town: everyone coming out in their fine clothes, ladies with hats - and the feast was very good.  We enjoyed some lamb and roast beef (we skipped the ham, in honor of Kevin Bacon, lol).

Afterwards, back at Hawksbill Cabin, Mary made some calls to the New Jersey family while I came out to the brick terrace to write some blog posts.  I wanted something appropriate to the season for background music, and found just what I wanted deep in the CD box:  Copland's Appalachian Spring.  Then I set to post, with that composition and the peepers in the background.

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