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Friday, April 17, 2015

More Trellising

Seems like every day I am getting some very interesting text messages with incredible photos attached, as the farm team continues to build the trellis for Hawksbill Hop Yards.  Yesterday was no different, as

David sent along some shots of Eric and himself doing some final prep work on our poles.  We started with 20' 6x6 treated pine posts, which are set 4' in the ground, leaving our system at around 16' tall.

However, when some of the posts were set, we encountered stone part way down, so the guys had to go up and level them off with a chain saw. The photo here shows the measuring part of the action.

Now a word about the rig they are using for this operation.  It is made from a recycled caged water container - an ingenious idea that was sourced from the excellent series of how-to videos put together by the University of Vermont.  It has been constructed so that it can be raised on the fork lift attachment to the tractor (here's a highlight video of that tractor in "creep" mode).

Yesterday the first 600 of our rhizomes arrived as well, by way of Stan from HootnHollerHops, and the remaining 200 are coming in today via UPS from Wisconsin.  So it won't be long now until we need to start planting, once the cabling is installed on the trellis.

A reminder that our rhizome planting event is set for 5/2/2015 - we could use the volunteer help, so leave a comment if you're interested and I'll send the details.

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