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Monday, March 16, 2015

The NC-VA Regional Hops Conference

Photo of the sold-out crowd on Saturday, yours truly visible in
the light blue shirt to the far right.
This weekend I was at the first ever hops growers' conference, put on by NC State University down in Winston-Salem.  The conference was the finale of a four year hops research and extension project - much of the knowledge gained is on the web at this link.

There was a Friday session for beginning growers - that one certainly attracted my attention; and a Saturday session that went into more detail.  I ended up attending both sessions, which provided an opportunity to meet with a couple of the folks from the Old Dominion Hops Co-operative, but also Facebook friend Marty, who was stationed in Berlin when I was there and went on to complete a very successful USAF career before settling into the Piedmont area of NC, convenient to the location of the conference.

Among the topics covered were:

Sponsorships rounded out the experience, with several of the sponsors providing displays including the one above, of an in-line trellis system.  These folks included Fertrell, The Lupulin Exchange, Sierra Nevada, Cumberland Sales Company, Haas, NCSU, Blue Mountain Brewery, Fullsteam Brewery, Hoot'n Holler Hops, and the Old Dominion Hops Co-op.

There was plenty to learn and I'll probably be spending the next two weeks trying to assimilate it all.  Meanwhile, next weekend will be my first trip back to Hawksbill Hop Yards since the log chopping visit of a few weeks back.  I'll check in with David to see how the clearing is going - and to plan for a few of our spring milestones, including planting!

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