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Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday Dog Walk

Lately on Sunday mornings Tessie and I have taken to walking the length of the Hawksbill Greenway in Luray.  Back in 2011 we took this walk a lot, but lately we had tapered down and were only walking half of it. The walk is about 3.5 miles - hopefully we'll keep this up.

There is plenty to see along the Greenway, and even though it is winter and all the leaves are down, it's pretty scenic.  I took this first snap from along the bend at the south end of the walk - you can just see the old grain mill and old co-op building there.

(About the old co-op building...the co-op moved out to the 211 bypass a few years ago, leaving this one behind.  It's housed a few businesses since then, including most recently a pop-up craft market showing off local wares.)

After our walk, Tessie and I took a short drive around town.  The sun was starting to come out, so it highlighted a barn I'd never noticed before, even though I've probably driven by it 100 times.
The angle I photographed happened to include Kennedy Peak, part of Massanutten Mountain, in the background.  This peak is around 3,000 feet high, making it something of a high point on Massanutten, although you can't miss its distinctive shape.

It's pretty interesting to notice the wide range of weather conditions you can have in the winter.  It was overcast and practically snow flurries during the walk, and then the sun came out and warmed everything up.

That was a good day for Tessie and me.

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