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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

On to the High Line

Mary and I had a list of destinations we wanted to take in during our stay in Manhattan.  These things can be hit or miss - things take longer than you plan, they're not open, what have you.  But on our list was the High Line Park along the West Side, and we did manage to get there after our walk from China Town with Rosie.

The story of this park is that it is a "rails to trails" sort of development, with the converted elevated rail line actually an old freight line that ran directly into the heart of the city.  Starting in 2006, the community and the city began to build a park out of it.

In all, it's about 1.5 miles long.  We probably walked about 6 city blocks worth, enjoying views across the Hudson to New Jersey, or cross town views along some of the streets - and also, the peak out here and there to colorful murals and all the other stuff that makes New York great.

Although we were warned that by late afternoon the place is crowded, that is exactly when we ended up there - and the predictions were correct, it was crowded!  Still, there were ample spots to stop and take a break to enjoy the location.

I think Mary and I are already planning a next visit to take in more of it!

We exited around 23rd Street, which was only a few blocks (east-west blocks mind you - the big ones) from our hotel.  We made a stop to refresh ourselves there, and then headed out for a movie and a late dinner.

All in all, a great day with a big plus for us, in that we had a good visit with my hipster niece!

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