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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall of the Berlin Wall - 25th Anniversary Edition

A section of the Berlin Wall in Manhattan, October 2014.
When Mary and I were in New York a couple of weekends ago, we happened upon two slabs of the Berlin Wall in the south end of Manhattan - the area that is recovering from the 9-11 attack and from Hurricane Sandy.  It was a good reminder of the triumph of the human spirit - that there are so many things that we have, and we will, overcome.

Today is the 25th Anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall opened, at last allowing the people in East Berlin and West Berlin to openly cross the border.  

Me standing near a section of the Wall in May 2001.
It's an anniversary always leaves me a little conflicted about my memories of Berlin - my five years there were spent while it stood - as a fact, as a scar dividing the city - and I typically write about memories from those times, instead of how things are now, now that the wall is down.

And that's what is important - the reunification, the healing that continues, and the future.  

Still, in case anyone's interested, here are a few posts from my blog on the topic. 

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