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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Auction Highlights - 1

Once we'd arrived at the auction and checked in - there's not really a lot to this unless you've had a couple of lots up at the previous days - we walked around having a look at the offerings of the day.  There were some incredible baked goods towards the back of the place - a seven-layer red velvet cake was one thing that caught my eye.

It was clear that we were at the very end of tomato season, David told me he still had a few, but not enough to bring, and also a frost was likely by the end of the week so the season would officially be over at that point.

However, the bounty at this place never ceases to amaze.  As we walked the aisles, we came across two pumpkins weighing in at 650+ pounds!  Here's a photo of the first one - David said it had sold for $500, and the second went for $300.

We kept moving and soon came across this lot of watermelons, all weighing more than 100 pounds.  I don't have the sell price on them, but I did remember to put the ball cap on the one for perspective - that one weighed 120 pounds!

Here you can see a couple of flats of tomatoes as well.  They were few and far between...but by now I had started to think about the pie and we were headed out to the drive through area to check out the large lots.

We'll pick it up there tomorrow.

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