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Monday, May 19, 2014

Beaver Pond - May Update

We've had a couple of drenching storms lately, most recently last Friday, so I was curious to see how the beaver dam held up.  To be honest, my concern is really about the road in front of our place - that little hollow over there fills up on the big rains, and if the dam fails then we'll have all the water and debris moving out, maybe causing a wash out.

I shared my worries with neighbor Dan on the email, but he was traveling and couldn't get out there to check for us.  He reassured me though: "Beavers are good at what they do!"

Sure enough, when we got in, Mary and I walked over to check and see how the dam held up.  It's still there, and the pond is even larger than before.  Plus, the stream has widened out after being scoured from the overflows during the rain.

A closer look confirmed that the hollow had filled up - all of the scrub plants along the stream were coated with silt.  So the water had gotten quite deep, possibly even inundating the dam, before it slowly drained off during the next day.

I'm just glad we weren't there to see it.  Hawksbill Cabin is on high ground, well uphill from this stream.  Still, it is a scary thing to see the water rise!

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