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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quality Time at the Vineyard

We had a couple of events planned for the weekend, centered around activities at our neighbors', Wisteria Vineyard.  The harvest season has begun, and the volunteers are moving through the vineyard picking the Pinot and Seyval so far.  More varieties are coming along, and we're hoping to get back out spend some time working with everybody (and enjoying the vertical tastings that are a requisite educational part of this whole thing).

We were too late on Saturday to be part of the picking in the morning, or the other event that was scheduled that day - the annual picking and stomping, a la I Love Lucy.


That's always a great time, and so far we haven't seen any pushing and shoving - or grapes tossing, for that matter.

In the evening, Sue and Moussa had planned a fund raising event for a local charity and we joined the fun.  In addition to having a good time visiting with friends, I was looking forward to having a few minutes to walk around the vineyard hoping for a good photo opp or two - the quality of light in these late summer evenings is incredible, and the fall colors are just coming out.

As it happened, the sheep went out to pasture to have a last minute graze just as the sun was sinking.  There's a bit of golden light in the treetops, and in the background you can see some of the harvest gear staged for future picking (this is the "white" side of the vineyard - the "reds" aren't picked until later this month, which is when we'll be back to get more involved).

You know, a vineyard is a pretty photogenic place.  I'll have to keep that in mind.

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