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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Vegas - Sightseeing

The lion fish.  Venomous - and invasive.
Apparently we are seeing more and more
of them North American waters - non-native.
As I mentioned in the post yesterday, I didn't gamble in Vegas.  I thought about it a couple of times, but I won't gamble unless I can comfortably sit down with a bank of 40 hands.  You can figure the math for that if it's a $10 table - I could have played at noon for $5 a hand, but we were too busy then.

A shark cruising by.
Instead, after an excellent lunch at Mandalay Bay (the choice hotel and conference center for the trade show - and I'm inspired to submit a talk for next year since they're going back) we decided to take in the aquarium tour.  This is a pretty incredible feature down there at the hotel, hearkening back to the days when Vegas was trying to become a preferred family vacation venue.  The tour is well worth the money (Mary treated, I don't know how much it costs).

The trippy jelly fish tank.
It's one of those very cool set ups where you walk through glass tunnels with fish swimming all around you.  We saw all kinds of sharks and other fish from every ocean and some of the more exotic fresh water sources.  There was a piranha tank as well - with two docent attendants keeping the foolish in line, mind you!

Here are a few highlight photos.  If pressed, I'd have to say that the trippy jelly fish tank was my favorite.

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