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Friday, December 21, 2012

In Search of Local Brewing Ingredients...

With the “Fingers Crossed” IPA coming out as a success, I got a second batch started – a seasonal brew I got from Northern Brewer called Saison Noel. This will be a Belgian style ale and won’t be ready for a few weeks. 

So I got interested in my next batch, and decided I might try the White House Honey Porter recipe.  This is one of two beers that are being brewed in the Obama White House using the honey that they collect from the hives on-site.  I got wind of Santa’s plan to give me a kit to brew the porter, and I wanted to add local honey to my batch just like they do at the White House.

I remembered that my friends Jay and Rianne, whom I met during the Fibrowatt episode a few years back, kept a small hive in their backyard, and asked if I could get the pound of honey I needed for this recipe from them.  Jay said they had plenty, so I made a plan to stop by on Sunday.

We had a great time catching up, and then Jay started dishing out the honey.  They get around five gallons a year from their backyard hive, which they showed me later.  Honey is sold by weight, not volume – so the two pounds Jay actually gave me hardly made a dent in their stash – and it’s a good thing that it never goes bad, either, Jay confided.

In exchange for this key ingredient, I gave them a bottle of the Fingers Crossed, and I will share two bottles of the White House Honey Porter when it’s ready.

We call this a local food system, y’all!
Thanks guys!

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