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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Episode 1,364: In Which We Adopt a Cat

I have been away a little longer than usual.  I want to get back to the Luray Cyclocross results from my last post, and hope to be able to share a few photos as highlights.

But I suppose the big news is that we adopted a cat.  This has been in the works for a few months - readers may recall that there were two mom cats in the Hawksbill Cabin neighborhood and there were two litters of four kittens.  It turned out that seven of the eight kittens were females, by the way...and in any case 10 is a good start on 200, so something had to be done.

Mary researched it and found a non-profit called Cat's Cradle that could help with getting them spayed, and then re-released back where they came from.  I posted on this before:


(Our local Cat's Cradle's website is here:

So we got the cats back, and started planning for when the younger batch would go get the operation.  And that all happened today.

In the meantime, this one had seemed to link up with Mary.  Things have been building up to the situation we have now:  she'd bought a cat box without telling me; she had some cat toys stashed away; we were buying cat food from time to time...

In any case today we brought the cat home.  I've been calling it Sassafrass, but that's a working title.  Mary is going to be in charge of that, and I say it's all fine.

Plus, I worked out a deal with Mary back in October.  If she got a cat, I get to buy a farm.  So guess what?

...more to follow.

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