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Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Ways to Cross - 1

On the Piney Branch-Piney Ridge trail last weekend, there were four stream crossings.  In each of the guides I checked, there were warnings for the fourth one - the water would be deep, and even dangerous if the current was strong.  This made for some fun, as our group has a little informal pool going for who's going to fall during one of these. 

Now, Tom was the last to fall, but we can't really count that - it was during the ill-fated attempt at near zero temperatures last winter, and we had returned to our cars when he slipped and fell into the shallow but icy water. 

So we had some fun at these stream crossings.  This three part post includes the sequence of Chris and Tom making their way across.  Then at the end, for the first time ever, I'm embedding iPhone footage that Chris had taken of me at the very much tamer first crossing of Piney Branch.  There's some taunting at the beginning, and then, a punchline at the end.

Chris's Crossing:

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