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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Page County Grown - June 2011 Update

I've written already this week about visiting Wisteria Farm and Vineyards over the weekend, but I was actually able to spend some time with two other Page County Grown farmers at the Farmers Market on Saturday as well:  Skyline Premium Meats and Public House Produce.

Organzationally, there is a lot of progress for Page County Grown to report.  The website has expanded, and now there is a lot of information about the organization and participants.  I picked up a brochure from the Public House Produce stand at the market the other day, and saw that the vision and mission statements were finalized.

Vision:  Page County Grown is thriving family farms driving local food economies and promoting healthy communities where quality farming is a valued heritage and a staple for growth.

Mission:  Page County Grown will bring prosperity to our community by promoting family farms; linking farmers with markets and consumers; enhancing tourism experiences and building healthier connections to locally-grown products.

Browsing the membership page shows eight members in four categories, which are meat and poultry, eggs and cheese, produce, and specialty products.  The members so far are Public House Produce, Skyline Premium Meats, Wisteria Farm and Vineyards, all of which I've mentioned so far in the post; and other Page County farms:  Willow Grove Farm Market, Patchwork Pastures, Khimaira Farm, Valley Star Farm, and Paw Paw's Honey.  That page link is here:  http://pagecountygrown.com/farmers/.

There'll be plenty of future developments with this group - I'll try and keep up with them!

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