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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hawksbill Summit Hike - December 2016

How many times have I written about Hawksbill Mountain on this blog?  According to the labels list to the right, the answer is more than 20 - it's probably just an indication of how special the place is to me.

Since we've owned Hawksbill Cabin - basically that's when the blog started - I've hiked that mountain at least a dozen times.  It's a short, inspiring hike to the summit, a perfect leg stretcher when you need to get your mind around a major home repair, like when we had to replace the cabin's roof.

During my time off over the holidays, we had some family visiting in Luray, and my niece and nephew decided to take the hike with me.  Actually, I needed to go up there for some brewery research, and I managed to talk them into it.

The brewery is named after this mountain.  We've been working on the logo for some time but have found it challenging to make progress for a couple of reasons.  The brewery team wanted to see some images of the structure and views from the summit, so I decided I would head up there to get some photos.

When I write about the hikes, as I did in November 2015, I typically describe it as follows:

From the upper parking area, the Hawksbill Summit trail is a 2.1 mile out-and-back route with a net elevation gain of 400 feet (520 feet if you count the ups-and-downs).  I consider it an easy day hike – it’s a leg stretcher I enjoy whenever I have the time for a short hike in the park, with some incredible views from the summit.

The hike up to the summit takes less than a half hour, and on this occasion, we stayed at the summit for about that much time.  Our little excursion was less than two hours overall, but it was enough to refresh us.  

Plus, I got the photos I needed.  We'll see if these get worked into the final logo.  In any case, mission accomplished.

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