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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Building Permit @hawksbillbrew

Since my day trip to the Valley on brewery business, we have keep the ball rolling on things.  The meeting with the bank two weeks ago went well, but unfortunately the types of support we needed from them did not match their charter or business model.

The good news out of that experience was feedback on our business plan, which led to some polish and refinements.  Then we were able to network to two other local banks, both of whom are very interested in the project.  Now we are tracking them and working to have the meetings and complete the paperwork they require - hopefully we'll get all of this done in the first couple of weeks of May.

Meanwhile, after all the work on rezoning, and chasing down some documentation, David was able to get our building permit.  Although we've had it a couple of weeks, we didn't want to put it up until we had signed the lease...and now that's happened too.

So while things may be moving a little more slowly than we would like, they are headed in the right direction.  Progress is good.

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